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Visit our website at: www.webmolds.com

or contact us at 800-346-0567 for a free catalog.


The Ultimate Profitable Hobby Experience!

Miniatures are widely in demand and sales of quality figures are very robust. You can participate in this profitable business and enjoy a wonderful, enduring creative hobby by casting from our wide selection of figure molds. Old toy soldiers, WW2 action figures, Medieval Knights, Chess Sets, Nativity and Fantasy figures are all very collectable making strong sales possible. Painting the miniatures or easily finishing them in a polished pewter will add to their value.

Looking for an enduring, satisfying, creative and potentially profitable hobby? Well you have found it here! The casting and finishing of miniature figures is exciting and can be shared by all ages. We offer a wide variety of finely detailed and easy to pour miniature figure molds including Old Toy Soldiers, WW2 Action figures, foot or mounted Medieval Knights, Fantasy and many others. Parents can supervise younger children, grandparents can show children how they spent many enjoyable hours of their youth with castings they made and played with for years.

In addition to it being a wonderful hobby, miniatures are in demand and very saleable. It is easy to start casting your own so click on our website and get started now.

The casting of metal miniatures is a very rewarding, easy to learn and potentially profitable hobby. Painting and altering of the figures allows for creativity and wonderful self-satisfaction for adults and children under 14 with adult supervision. The collection of toy soldiers is an enduring hobby around since the time of the Pharaohs!

Old Toy Soldiers, Medieval Knights, Chess Sets, Nativity Sets, Civil War figures, Wizards and WW2 miniatures can be cast with Lead-Free Pewter from our selection of over 400 molds.

You can make your own molds from models using our fabulous "Quick-Sil" or RTV Silicone Resins for miniatures, jewelry, or parts duplication, then cast them in Pewter or Super Casting Plastic with little shrinkage.

Our products are all made in the U.S. and delivered without duty and costly shipping charges.

Visit our website at: www.webmolds.com or contact us at 800-346-0567 for a free catalog.



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